Saving Tourism in Covid-19 Period

I have always fancied identifying, selecting, and visiting interesting hiking spots in and out of Canada. That would mean, however, I save up for the journey of course. My best travel times would be during low season to my selected points of visit. At such times, I know there would be less human traffic, making travel costs on transport and accommodation pocket friendly. My main worry now is that all continents seem to have been hit hard by the Covid-19 global pandemic. The growing number of infections and deaths have since seen the implementation of travel restrictions. This move acts as the best way countries can reduce the spread and destruction caused by Covid-19 until health organizations reach a permanent and promising solution. Nonetheless, also a period calls for enhanced innovation and smart solutions to help save the tourism industry. The move would also work as part of WHO’s recommendations that people need to learn to practice social distancing. One way that we could save

Canadian Rockies

I just found out something interesting about the breathtaking Canadian Rockies. This interesting aspect is all about the best time to visit, hike, and explore the beautiful scenery that the mountain ranges, which are Canada’s pride and joy. According to Martina at , the best time would be between June and September. I was surprised that the mountains offer such a short season for hikers. However, it would be the best travel choice ever, assuming that we can get control of Covid-19 sooner than later. I am sure that we all would want to defeat the disease that is ravaging the globe and get back to our normal lives. This is some journey I would be planning to make in the post-Coronavirus era; still minding hygiene and social distancing of course.

Welcome Note

Welcome to my new blog as part of my school project!. In this space I will be sharing interesting stories on exciting places to visit across the world. I am excited to get this project up and running as travelling has always been one of my hobbies. I hope to make it a reality one day after I am done with school.